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Skills4gigs and The Explainers Unveil Unified Brand: Celyphos

Skills4gigs and The Explainers Unveil Unified Brand: Celyphos

Two Leading Video Production Companies Merge to Further Revolutionize Video Communication

ATHENS, October 21st, 2023 – Two of the industry’s video production companies, Skills4gigs S.A. and The Explainers P.C., have merged their operations to form Celyphos S.A., the next frontier in video storytelling. This union capitalizes on the strengths of both brands, setting a new industry standard for creating impactful training videos and compelling explanatory content.

Skills4gigs, renowned for developing cutting-edge videos to magnify workforce potential, has been a vanguard in the global upskilling and reskilling revolution. With a team of seasoned professionals across Communication, Video Production, and Human Resources, they’ve consistently delivered modernized learning experiences, equipping the future workforce with essential knowledge and expertise. Skills4gigs’ clientele spans among others from leading banking institutions to food & beverages retailers, hotels, and heavy industrial producers.

On the other hand, The Explainers P.C., under the visionary leadership of Mr. Antonis Kaloudis, has etched its mark as the gold standard in explanatory communication videos serving clients including Governmental institutions, politicians, start-ups, and established industrial players. By crafting poignant stories with engaging visuals and narration, The Explainers P.C. has enabled leaders to project and communicate vividly and clearly their value propositions, strategy, and achievements.

The birth of Celyphos epitomizes the synergistic melding of the two. Offering both top-tier training videos and explainer videos, Celyphos is poised to cater to an extensive clientele seeking to exploit video as a tool unlocking potential.

“Reveal Your Story in a Nutshell” is not just Celyphos’ motto; it’s the brand’s pledge to its clients. Every story deserves to be told, and Celyphos promises to distill it to its essence, ensuring it resonates with its intended audience.

The newly merged entity will operate under the capable leadership of Mr. Antonis Kaloudis as Managing Director. Joining him in this exciting venture are Mr. Georgios Zeritis as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Pavlos Efthymiou as Board Member, and Mr. Antonis Xenakis as Creative Director.

“Today marks not just a new chapter, but a brand-new book for video production. With Celyphos, we’re bringing together the best of both worlds to redefine how stories are told and experienced,” said Antonis Kaloudis, Managing Director of Celyphos.

About Celyphos:
Celyphos is a storytelling powerhouse. With an unwavering belief in the transformative potential of communication, we undertake a mission to discover the essence of brands and establish strong connections with their audiences. Offering a 360 advertising experience, from communication strategy to storytelling, concept development, and production, we aim to be your strategic growth partner. Our creative excellence and strategic acumen drive growth, foster connections, and make a lasting impact. Join us in shaping the future of brand communication.

Press Contact:
Mr. Antonis Kaloudis
+30 210 7015825